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Redesign process of web page Common Names of Plants in Colombia

Redesign of web page of Common Names of Plants in Colombia was made by the Program of Biodiversity Informatics Instituto de Ciencias Naturales of Universidad Nacional de Colombia campus Bogotá.
This change respond to the guidelines of Universidad Nacional to unify the institutional image of all web sites, therefor, the information of common names, regions, descriptions and photos is the same to the first version of this tool, the changes consists in some new descriptions added by the authors Angela Rodriguez and Helena Sarmiento, also in the characteristics of the newinterface, besides an update and debugging of data base provide anoptimization of this web page.
The interfaces were updated based on the guidelines of Universidad Nacional hosted at guia de identidad issued by Unimedios office.



In the development process we use the Django Framework and Data Base Management system MariaDB, also we used HTML5, jQuery and .CSS. Maps were implemented with free tools of Google Maps API,Leaflet and CartoDB.


Project Team

Programme Director:      Profesora Lauren Raz Ph.D


Project Manager:      Henry Agudelo-Zamora Msc.


Web Developer:      Angela C. Checa Msc. (c)


Servers Administrator:      Andrés Esteban Páez Msc.


Graphic Design:      Nadya Karina Serrano.


Administrative Assistant:      Jenny Alejandra Cortés Gonzalez.


Adviser and Developer of first version:      Diego Moreno.